Where to buy Digital Yuan ECNY

Decentralized and Centralized! e-CNY is (BOTH) What does that mean?

This year, the crypto yuan has exploded in popularity, with an increasing number of people opting for crypto yuan over other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are expected to play a significant role in the future of our financial world, and those who do not get involved early will be the ones who suffer later. But the problem is there are several cryptocurrency exchanges are available online. Several have been hacked in the past and continue to function with inadequate protection. Which one should you trust and from which one should buy/exchange?

How it’s work in both ways, (Decentralized plus Centralized)?

The beauty of this token is, it can’t be stolen or spend illegally, in any of these cases the transfer will be traced and the first holder will get the same amount of e-CNY with official police complaints anywhere in the world, so yes it’s working in both ways (Centralized and Decentralized).

Our ICO platform makes purchasing e-cny really simple. You can buy directly from us instead of other platforms. With the Official ICO Exchange, you can start your crypto journey with e-cny safely. We’ve made the process of buying or exchanging crypto yuan is secure, fast & reliable.

We’ve enabled the option to exchange Digital Yuan with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other famous cryptocurrencies. No other platform offer that many currencies to exchange with Digital Yuan.

To buy crypto yuan, you’ve to create an account to Ecny Digital Yuan portal. You can create the account just in few steps. It’s really easy to operate the account and it’s highly secured with a strong encryption algorithm. 

The price of the crypto yuan at the moment is relatively low compared to its value in US dollars, which is $0.05. In order to expand the use of digital money, the price of the yuan is updated on a regular basis. After the initial ICO sales, it will be available on other exchanges, and the price will be boosted right after it’s getting listed on exchanges. So, have yours now before the price goes 10000x plus.