About Us

Digital Yuan e-CNY

Welcome to Digital Yuan Platform, We are one of the very first Chinese platforms for buying and exchanging crypto yuan in China and worldwide. We are an officially authorized and controlled legal cryptocurrency platform in China.

We’re committed to providing you with the best crypto yuan purchasing experience possible. The ‘Digital Yuan’ is backed by local Chinese currency (RMB/Yuan). Digital Yuan can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and well-known other cryptocurrencies in our platform.

We see digital currencies differently at our ICO Exchange and have a more robust digital money solution. The new financial system is difficult to understand, proprietary and expensive. As a result, we’ve created this platform to purchase e-CNY easily so that anyone can join the cashless world as efficiently as possible. This website helps you to see potential investment opportunities and guides you through making them a reality.

Our mission: Our mission is to help you and the rest of the world achieve financial independence and equality by accelerating the acceptance of cryptocurrency.

Our strengths are as follows:

We lead the crypto industry: ‘e-CNY Digital Yuan’ is the world’s only Cryptocurrency which is backed by local Chinese Banks, with more than 10,000 users, reaching >$50 million just a few months after the company’s debut on the ICOs Exchange.

We’re Secure: We use the robust encryption algorithm in our platform to make sure it’s 100% secure. You can surface our platform safely to exchange cryptocurrency with e-CNY.

Widely Acceptance:  As China’s digital currency, we are working with Tencent’s WeChat Pay, Alibaba’s, Alipay in the earlier trials, We are also following the central bank digital currency guideline for the future of monetary policy, after this trial, We will start the communication with other payment providers such as PayPal.

We’re actively developing an ambitious roadmap that prioritizes safety, stability, and a faultless infrastructure, as well as a user-friendly platform, to make your crypto experience better!