We have our own brand that represents the services we provide. The usage of our brand name for advertising purposes is described below.

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Use of Official Logo

You may use the ‘e-CNY Digital Yuan’ logo only for lawful purposes, including Digital Yuan word marks. The ‘e-CNY Digital Yuan’ logo status may change, and these guidelines may need to be revised from time to time. It is your responsibility to follow the most recent edition.

The logo for the ‘e-CNY Digital Yuan’ can only be used to refer to e-CNY tokens. You agree that the logo is entirely owned by ‘e-CNY Digital Yuan.’ You agree not to mess with the interests of the ‘e-CNY Digital Yuan,‘ even opposing its use.

You can not register or use the ‘e-CNY Digital Yuan’ logo in any manner that implies ‘e-CNY Digital Yuan’ support, even in relation to a brand name, trading name, domain name, social media account, avatar, online advertisement platform (such as Google AdWords), or third-party product or service.

You should not use the ‘e-CNY Digital Yuan’ logo for any illegal, misleading, or manipulating practices such as phishing, ransomware, crowdsourcing, or other unlawful, deceptive, or manipulative activities.

Images must be copied from materials provided by ‘e-CNY Digital Yuan,’ such as those available for download from our website while using the ‘e-CNY Digital Yuan’ logo.

‘e-CNY Digital Yuan’ retains the right to object to the use of its logo that it considers to be illegal or inappropriate.

Digital Yuan Symbol

The Yuan Symbol represents “e-CNY” tokens. As seen on our webpage, the symbol must always be shown alone.

e-CNY Digital Yuan Logo

The symbol on the circle in the e-CNY Digital Yuan logo must be intact. The logo cannot be modified. Only a white background is allowed for the logo.

e-CNY Digital Yuan Banner

Banner created by e-CNY Digital Yuan can be slightly modified with permission. You’ve to take permission before modifying it.